Keynote Speaking

A keynote speaker can make or break your event.

Jim Robinette, Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, is an experienced informative, entertaining, and engaging platform speaker who inspires, motivates, and entertains his audiences, large and small. When he steps up to the podium, Jim brings value to your meeting, special event, or conference.  Jim is known for connecting with audience members and conveying easy-to-understand techniques for unleashing one’s true potential.  Jim works with companies that understand the value of personal growth who want to sharpen their current team’s leadership skills and want to develop a larger pool of emerging leaders in their organization.

Jim will customize his message for your audience, using message themes that include:

• Connect to your true potential.

• Change your thoughts, change your results.

• The power of purpose, vision, and goals.

• Strategies to unleash your inner genius

• Create financial prosperity and personal abundance.

• Breakthrough the Terror Barrier.

To inquire about Jim’s availability for your event, please contact:

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Coaching Services

Individual or Small Group Coaching

Would you or your company like to achieve better results? If so, and if you’re willing to take action, you’ve come to the right place.

Jim Robinette is a master at helping his coaching clients identify roadblocks that are holding them back from achieving their true potential. During his coaching sessions, Jim guides his clients through a process of goal setting, self-discovery, and goal achieving.

Having your own coach is probably the most direct and effective way to improve personal and professional results. Great athletes and performers all have coaches who help them connect to their true potential and YOU now have the opportunity to be coached by Jim Robinette.

Jim’s coaching is either in person or telephone-based, which allows groups and individuals from anywhere in the world to have access to his unique style of helping people connect to their true potential.

For more information on Jim’s one-on-one and small group coaching services, contact: (419) 602-7471 or

Two-Day Private Coaching Retreats

Spend two days with Jim where you will be guided through transformational exercises and time-tested teachings on what the mind can truly accomplish. Jim’s customized training is for individuals and small groups who desire:

• Defining purpose, vision, and goals.

• Advanced training for professional speakers and personal development coaches.

• Intensive study on human potential and strategies to break through limiting beliefs.

Jim’s caring and down-to-earth nature, coupled with this ability to help others achieve amazing results, makes this experience a life changer. Time for meditation and self-reflection is provided during the two days so that you can connect with your true potential, establish exciting goals and create a roadmap for success. For more information on this in-depth experience, contact: (419) 602-7471 or

Seminars, Workshops, and Webinars

Customized Seminars and Workshops

Jim Robinette’s half or full-day seminars and workshops provide the opportunity for members of your organization to learn techniques for success, Jim’s seminars are focused on teaching while his workshop format offers both teaching and interactive exercises, powerfully delivered for life-changing results.

Seminar and workshop content includes:

• Connect to your true potential.

• The power of purpose, vision, and goals.

• Strategies to unleash your inner genius.

• Create financial prosperity and personal abundance.

• Breakthrough the Terror Barrier

• The spirit of opulence

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